Etnetera group

Everything revolves around people. Either working environment or our products and services.

our culture
technology oriented

We contribute to and we are part of digital revolution. Our aim is to use technology positive way.

our services

Guiding Companies in their
Digital Transformation

Shared mission of Etnetera Group is helping our clients to innovate and streamline business and enable them to create new sources of values in the age of digital transformation.

We focus on following areas
of innovation

New business
mindset change
New sources of
value and profit

Companies and their services

Etnetera Group consists of 7 technology companies that work together under one roof at the offices located in Prague.

Online and Mobile Development

Customer Experience Management

Apple Technology for Business

Digital and Social Marketing

Digital Agency and Content Production

Google Apps & Cloud Expert

our culture

It’s all about what you make of it

We are reinventing ourselves. We simplify the work and processes so everybody has a chance to influence the way we work. We believe that the right understanding of the meaning of our work is the highest motivation.

enjoy life

Let the joy of life be the motor of everything we do

We spend almost a third of our life in the work. We make our office environment compelling and enjoyable. We love people being happy about their work.

on one boat

We are in the same boat

Our culture is open and transparent. We share all the information and knowledge. Everyone has the right to know how much his boss earns.

fair business

We do fair business

We build strong and lasting relationships with our clients. We know we have their trust, our aim is not only to meet the expectations but to overcome them.

our services